Window Cleaning

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Bluehill Service Company is your premier choice for reliable & affordable residential and commercial window cleaning. We are a locally owned and operated business based out of Keswick, VA that provides window cleaning services to Charlottesville and surrounding counties.

Our honest & professional window cleaner will work neatly to ensure a through window cleaning service for your home or business. When you choose Bluehill Service Company to be your window cleaning company, we honor that decision and act as a guest in your home, taking care of it as if it was our own.

Bluehill Service Company understands that dirty windows & glass can sometimes be neglected from cleaning at your home or office due to other more immediate needs. With that said, we value our customer’s time and our uniformed window cleaners arrive on time with all necessary tools to complete the job. We want to continue to be your window cleaning company, not just for a single service, so we allow extra time to review the cleaning process and document each cleaning so that we can let you know about maintenance issues to windows and glass and screens.

Bluehill Service Company currently offers both interior and exterior residential window cleaning services with a 3rd story limit on exterior windows. We provide cleaning of window screens, tracks, sills & frames both. Our cleaning staff uses professional tools of the industry and extra measures of care are always taken when cleaning interior windows.

Prior to our arrival for an interior residential window cleaning service, we ask that personal belongings and furniture be moved 2-3ft away from the windows to be cleaned. If assistance is needed please let us know prior our date of service and we will be glad to allow additional time before and after cleaning to arrange furniture.

Bluehill Service Company provides exterior commercial window cleaning services for a wide range of windows sizes. Whether you have a retail storefront or a multi-level office complex, we can customize a window cleaning program that works for your needs. We can also provide an option for after-hours window cleaning, so that windows can be cleaned in conjunction with the interior cleaning staff.

Bluehill Service Company uses a water fed pole to clean up to 3rd story commercial & residential windows instead of the usual ladders or heavy equipment required to reach high windows.  A water fed pole cleans glass with “pure water,” an electrical process called, “De-Ionization” which removes solids on the glass and turns the water into a safe cleaning agent.  This modern window cleaning tool allows our window cleaners to make little disturbance while remaining safely on the ground and with minimal impact to the property and surroundings. At times scissor lifts and ladders may be necessary to complete certain window cleaning tasks.