Tired of your dirty, smelly trash bin? We can help!

Bluehill Service Company provides an environmentally approved residential curbside trash bin cleaning service in Charlottesville, VA.

How Does It Work?

  1. We show up on the same day as your trash collection truck.

  2. After your trash has been collected, we arrive to clean and sanitize your empty trash bin.

  3. A non-adhesive removable tag is applied to your bin to let you know that it is cleaned and sanitized.

  4. Your trash bin smells fresh and is fully sanitized!

Our vehicles are easily recognized. Our custom recovery systems allow us to wash multiple trash bins at a time. Wastewater is collected in our bin cleaning system on our trailer, not on the street or in your driveway. The wastewater is then hauled away and properly disposed of at the local wastewater treatment center. Nothing is left behind.


Environmentally Friendly

  • Bins are washed with a biodegradable cleaner and then deodorized.
  • We wash hot and rinse cold.
  • We only use environmentally friendly chemicals when needed.
  • Our natural solvents kill 99% of germs, fungi and virus.
  • We recycle all water and comply with local and state water regulations.
  • Our system is self-contained and effective, allowing us to professionally clean your trash bins and recycling containers with no disturbance to you or your neighbors.



Protect Your Family From Disease

Did you know deadly bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and more are found right in your unsanitary trash bins?  These bacteria easily spread to your home from your bins with just a single touch.



Whether you need service once a year, monthly or quarterly, we can customize your cleaning services to meet the annual needs and usage of your garbage bin, all the while keeping you in good graces with your HOA.


Peace of Mind

Our trash bin cleaning service provides peace of mind that there are no bacterial growths or airborne pollutants lingering in or around your home. Bluehill Service Company protects your family by keeping your waste containers hygienically clean.

What Customers Are Saying

“Bluehill Service came to clean & sanitize our trash bin on the same day our trash was collected and removed all the nasty waste in our trash bin. We will certainly use their services again.”
— M. Smith, Foxcroft Subdivision
“Bluehill’s Bin Cleaning Service is very affordable and reliable. We love that our trash bins can be removed of pollutants on the same day our trash is collected. Such a great service!”
— K. Reynolds, Forest Lakes Community