Pressure Washing

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Bluehill Service Company offers commercial properties, municipalities, retail stores, restaurants and public businesses with a complete surface cleaning and wastewater recovery service. Our equipment is designed to provide hot water sanitation cleaning to all types of exterior flat surfaces. 


  • Outdoor Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • HOA Entrances and Public Surfaces
  • Restaurant Patios and Entrances 
  • Gas Pump Slabs  (we use and organic emulsifier and waste water recovery)
  • Playground Sets
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pool Decks
  • Construction Equipment
  • Forklifts & Warehouse Loading Dock Areas

How It Works

Prior to our pressure washing services, we collect cigarettes, trash, leaves, and other surface debris waste per request. We then blow off the entire area to be cleaned before we wash it.

We also use a vacuum surface cleaner when performing certain cleaning applications. Surface cleaners focus on cleaning the direct service in contact and preventing high pressure air from blowing mulch and other loose materials around structures. This time-saving measure prevents from having to clean around sensitive structures while reducing service time by our crews saving our customers money for longer cleaning times commonly seen with traditional power washing methods.

Environmental safety waste water regulations

Surface cleaning service provided by our company for commercial, municipality and public properties require waste water recovery. Waste water cannot enter public storm drains in any way. Laws against waste pollution are very serious. For property managers and restaurant owners who have large surface areas to maintain, safe cleaning can sometimes result in the service not being considered by owners or managers if they do not have a pre-contractor available.

Bluehill Service Company places top priority on staying compliant with state & government regulations. Our company takes the time to educate our customers and property managers about the recovery of wastewater and the features of the filtration system we use. During public surface cleaning services waste water is recovered and filtered on location and reused in certain applications in the form of grey water. Collected waste water is hauled off location and disposed of at wastewater treatment facility. Our surface wastewater is tested prior to disposal, providing the customer and state regulatory officials with a documented source of waste and location in which it was cleaned.


Bluehill Service Company operates a reusable mechanical vacuum boom to collect waste water during each individual washing service. We also use drain blockers, chemical socks, sand socks to prevent waste, developed during cleaning, from entering drains during our surface cleaning services.

Let our dedication and experience help you with your commercial or industrial surface cleaning needs. Call us today or send us an email to receive a free, no hassle estimate and additional service information.