Fleet Washing

Your corporate or small business vehicles are moving billboards, representing your company everywhere you go. At Bluehill Service Company, our wash crews work hard to protect your company image by offering a complete custom mobile fleet washing service. We wash a wide range of vehicles from pickup trucks, box vans and commercial road tractors & trailers and much more!

Our mobile fleet washing service is customized to meet your vehicles specific cleaning needs. We provide weekend and after hour washing services so that your fleet vehicles can be cleaned when not in use. We can also customize the service dates so that your vehicles can be washed before going in for service or maintenance repairs.

We use custom washing soaps and degreaser that are biodegradable and safe on all surfaces. We rely on hot water and our neutral ph. soaps to deep clean and wash a wide range of customer’s vehicles. Cold water is also used at times, mainly during rinsing. We currently do not offer a polished aluminum or aluminum brightener service for areas of the vehicle other than the wheels.

To comply with local and state code all wash water is collected, recycled and properly discharged at the local waste water treatment facility. We use sediment berms, oil rugs, sand traps and a variety of berms that allow us to divert and control wash water to be collected. To receive a free detailed fleet washing estimate and or to find out more about this service and options please give us a call at 434-972-9547 today or email us.