Concrete Cleaning & Sealants

We want to help you protect your investment. Sealing pavers is what we do best!

We have an extensive background with over 15 years experience installing concrete pavers, decorative concrete and natural stone flat work. We know the hardscape industry and can  provide our customers with multiple options for cleaning & sealing there paving surface to achieve the best results.

Owner operator Mike Halliday possess an active Advanced Residential Certificate from the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institution (ICPI)

If you have new pavers needing protection or old pavers that need restoration we can help. Changes in climate and UV rays can breakdown the paver surfaces faster than most would expect and if left untreated can weaken the integrity of the surface which can lead to rutting and low spots.  Paver surfaces can regularly become dirty with contaminants like moss and vegetation that can lead to an unattractive appearance of the paved area.

Bluehill's custom paving cleaning service can remove stains and restore the surface like new. Bluehill Service Company specializes in preparing the paving surface for a variety of sealants options designed with your paver needs in mind, keeping your pavers protected for years to come.

Bluehill Service Company uses hot & cold water with diluted environmentally friendly cleaning products.  These products are designed to meet the industry standards for cleaning & sealing interlocking & permeable concrete Pavers. Our company documents each individual paver cleaning service. We work directly with our sealer manufacturers prior to each application to provide the sealer specialist with a detailed report of what stains were removed, the type of sealer used and the method in which the paver sealer was applied. Documented service reports taken at the time of service ensures you, the customer, that the paver manufacturer will continue to warranty the paver product used in the paver system after our sealer application.