About Us

Bluehill Service Company, LLC is an owner operated, environmentally conscious hardscape cleaning and sealing business located in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one of the first to utilize power washing equipment that meets current regulatory standards. Owned and operated by Mike Halliday, a highly-acclaimed veteran of the custom-build hardscape installation and sealing business, Bluehill Service Co. is taking its business to the next level by providing hot water surface cleaning, sanitizing and sealing for all hardscaping surfaces. Their commitment to meeting stringent regulatory wastewater rules make them a “preferred vendor” for local municipalities, hospitals, restaurants and gas stations.

Formerly known as Bluehill Landscapes and Hardscapes Company (BLUEHILL LAWN, LLC), Bluehill Service Co. has built its credentials over the past 15 years by custom building and installing hardscape products and providing sealant applications. Hardscape consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially any masonry work or woodwork with hard materials being concrete, brick, stone, wood and metal.

Over the years, Bluehill has earned a reputation for providing high quality, honest and professional landscape and hardscape services to both commercial and residential customers in the Charlottesville area. In 2015 and 2016, the company received the “Hardscape Hero Award” from Eagle Bay Paver Manufacturers for its custom built hardscape projects and positive customer reviews.

Since January 2017, the company has invested over $10,000 in waste water recovery and reclamation equipment, revolutionizing the way hardscape cleaning is performed. With the goal of adhering to current compliance regulations in the industry, Bluehill’s new system not only thoroughly cleanses filthy hardscape surfaces in public and industrial areas, but it also safely removes the contaminated water to a dedicated storage tank for its safe and legal disposal. As such, Bluehill is leading the local industry with its full commitment, both financially and environmentally, to ensuring the entire hardscape cleaning and sealing process meets with the letter of the law.

Under the current regulations, power washing has environmental and legal consequences. All companies that provide power washing must contain any contaminants resulting from cleaning exterior flat surfaces. The contaminants cannot be released into a public storm drain or a body of water. Rather, they have to be collected as it constitutes waste water pollution. Waste water pollution is defined as ‘anything that comes out of a hose’ or a chemical spill, which left untreated, could find its way into storm drains or bodies of water through storm water.

“Currently there is a lack of education and awareness about environmental regulations by those in my industry,” says Mike. “As a result, there is a largescale lack of regulatory adherence in the power washing industry.”

As a preferred vendor for hardscape cleaning, sealing and surface wastewater recovery, Bluehill’s staff maintains an ongoing education about the strict laws governing its industry with relation to surface cleaning for public municipalities. This is what sets Bluehill apart from other companies and makes them a leader in their industry.   

“Our investment in the latest wastewater recovery equipment and filtration systems allows us to uphold the highest legal standards for cleaning, sanitizing, and sealing public and commercial entryways, parking lots and private areas. This includes medical offices and hospitals, box stores, gas stations, restaurants, and municipalities. In the future, we look forward to working in conjunction with state agencies on environmental and chemical recovery cleanup projects, as well.”

Meet the Owner


Born and raised in Charlottesville  VA, owner Mike Halliday has built strong relationships with his peers and with leaders within the industry. He is a certified Interlocking Concrete Paving Installer (ICPI) and an advanced ICPI residential installer. For the past 15 years, he has maintained his pesticide applicators license in Virginia and continues to upgrade his knowledge as regulations change. His background and experience are valuable to clients in providing to them the latest industry standards for all aspects of hardscape. When it comes to cleaning and sealing of pavers or a complete restoration, Mike knows each hardscape manufacturers’ needs and requirements and can provide the customer with a variety of options to achieve the best result.